Deer Tales

In the Hearsum Collection there are many items that tell stories about the deer in Richmond Park.

Why was a deer park created in Richmond?

What we now know as Richmond Park was created by Charles I in the 1630s as a royal hunting ground for himself and his aristocratic friends. Charles loved hunting, and he also favoured Richmond Palace as a royal residence. The Palace was by the River Thames so Charles looked for suitable land nearby for his […]

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A shoot-out in Richmond Park

The deer are at the heart of the history of Richmond Park.  Charles I enclosed the Park in 1637 to create a royal hunting ground for himself and friends. The aristocratic pastime of deer hunting was of course well established and continued at Richmond through the 17th and 18th centuries. However, the enclosure was unpopular […]

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A Chinese view of the deer in Richmond Park

One of the more unusual artistic images of the deer in Richmond Park is by Chinese artist Chiang Yee, who wrote and illustrated several books under the pen name ‘Silent Traveller’ while living in Britain between 1933 and 1955. He was a notable writer and artist of his time, well established on London’s art and […]

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