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Adrian Moysey photo

Adrian Moysey

Adrian Moysey is a local amateur photographer. Born in Kingston-upon-Thames, he has lived close to Richmond Park for 46 years.

Four years ago, while running through the park on a misty winter morning his teenage passion for photography was rekindled. Witnessing the spectacular sunrise, and listening to the deer bellow at first light he could not resist purchasing his first DSLR.  He has captured countless photographic opportunities in Richmond Park since then, from stags bathing in Pen Ponds, to baby cygnets huddled in the long grass, and has never left disappointed.

Adrian comments: “Steeped in history, Richmond Park has been protected for myself, my children and I hope many more generations to come. We are the lucky ones, to enjoy the freedom of such a large open space only miles from central London, it is our privilege and testimony to the generations who went before us to ensure not just the nobility access to such a wonderful walled paradise!”

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